Beauty's New Focus Is the Lips Area

With the " ALEUR®1001 " Minilifting treatment


Wrinkles are part of facial expression , smile or sorrow. But some wrinkles just should not be there forever , particularly the ones in the lip area. Their message is that of a bitter accentance of passing years.


With just a bit of attention and care, noode needs to have wrinkles around the lips as a basic trait of their face.


A revolutionary product , shown for the first time at COSMOPROF 2001, is called "ALEUR®1001" and provides a mini lifting lips effect. It belongs to the BIO-ACTIVE ALEURONE familyod developments by Cereal's , well-know for their creative proposal such as Serum Bio-Aleurone and Youthful Mask Activa+C .


The composition of "Aleur®1001" includes Aleurone, i.e. Vitamines A,C and E in a well-studied concentration so as to produce an elasticizing effect. This is how the MINILIFTING LIPO LIPS treatment provides a natural way to enhance the lip area.


Mini lifting Lipo lips Mask for lip line


Mode of action: Mini lifting Lipo lips is the most practical and effective formulation that the modern technology of CEREAL'S laboratory has developed. . Aleurone, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in appropriate concentration have a rapid and effective action. This composition has a synergetic effect, provides suppleness, helps prevent signs of skin ageing and revitalises the fragile lip line.


Use: Mini lifting Lipo lips mask can be used complete or cut. The treatment must be continued for four weeks. During the first week, apply the mask every day for 15-20 minutes. In the following three weeks, apply the mask every other day; it is important to use Serum Bio Aleurone and Brightening Anti-rides Eye-Lip-Neck Revitalizing for two or three consecutive months after the application of Mini lifting Lipo lips mask.


After use, replace the mask in its sealed container. If during the application the mask appears to be worn, this will not affect treatment effectiveness. To allow better preservation, we recommend keeping Mini lifting Lipo lips in a dark place at room temperature, or preferably in the fridge at less than 4°C.


Warning: Avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays during treatment.